NFB logo and tagline - voice of the Nation's Blind. 'Whozit' is a stylized figure of a person using a long cane. The head of the figure is a yellow-orange crescent-shape, the right arm is red and holds a light gray cane, the left shoulder and right leg are violet, and the left leg is light blue.


The real problem of blindness is not the lack of eyesight but the lack of information that exist in the world. The purpose of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is two-fold:

  • To help blind persons gain self-confidence.
  • To act as a vehicle for collective self-expression for and by the blind.

By providing public education services, information and referral, advocacy, scholarships, literature and publications, protecting the civil rights of all blind people. Development and evaluation of technology for the blind. Support for parents of blind children and their families. Instrumental in legislation and policy change that effect blind people.

We strive to educate the public that blind individuals are normal people who can compete on all levels as long as the playing fields are equal.


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    The national Federation of the blind is now excepting scholarship applications. Deadline for submission is March 31, 2014. If you are a blind student and is in need of funding please go to and follow the link to scholarship application and complete the application.

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    Washington Seminar January 27- January 31, 2014

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    The National Federation of the blind of Nevada has opened offices at:
    2801 S. Valley View Blvd. ste. 12
    Office telephone 02-222-2333

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    The National Federation of the blind of Nevada will be holding its first fund raiser of the year.
    Spring Cleaning Bizarre Date March 22, 2014
    We are looking for household items that are in many ways unique that you can donate to assist us in making this fund raiser a success.
    If you are a business and would like to donate we are seeking your support.
    Please call 702-222-2333 for more information about how you can support us.

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    Are you blind and need computer and assistive technology training?
    Our computer classes have started, please call us for more information at 702-222-2333
    Are you wanting to learn Braille?
    We have started our braille classes, please call us for more information.

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    The National Federation of the blind of Nevada is seeking volunteers.
    If you have spare time and want to volunteer, we can use your assistance.
    Please call us at 702-222-2333.
    We can use volunteers in many areas, do not delay call us right away.


    Are you blind and want the enjoyment of listening to the newspaper and magazines from the comfort of your home by telephone. This is a free service for all blind individuals.
    If you wish to sign up for Newsline, follow this link
    This web site will have the application to begin reading your favorite newspaper, magazine and TV guide. This will take about 2 weeks before the total process has been completed.
    For more information contact Rena Smith at (702) 228-4217 or Email:

NFB Nevada Needs Funding to Complete Our Mission!!!!

Consider donating money to our cause. You may use the PayPal Button below. Thank you.

Our National Organization Also Needs Funding to Complete Our Nation Wide Mission!!!!

As a national fundraiser, the National Federation of the Blind has partnered with Vehicles for Charity to launch a new vehicle donation program. The NFB’s vehicle donation program accepts almost any vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. All donations may be eligible for a tax donation on your federal income tax return. For more information, including how to donate, please follow this link!

Learn more about our organization by visiting the following links:

NFB national headquarters
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Nevada's Newsletter, "Silver Standard
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