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Chris La Rue

Chris La Rue

I was born and raised in New Jersey, later moved to North Carolina and studied computer hardware and networking technology. I specialized in network security while in NC. I am an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator as well as being a Volunteer Examiner. I am very active in amateur radio and all types of computer technologies. I do a lot of Beta testing for Windows and Android apps for accessibility.

I started losing my vision in my mid to late twenties. I was unable to get an accurate diagnosis for several years. I have always had problems seeing at night and as a child was told that was normal for someone that wears glasses, I later found out that I had RP and early-onset age-related macular degeneration. The AMD progressed very heavily during my thirties and early forties to the point that I can see nothing but light in my left eye. I still have some central vision in my right eye but due to the RP, I am very light sensitive and completely blind in the dark. I have a Golden Retriever, Golden Lab mix guide dog named Misty that gives me the confidence and independence to do things I thought were gone forever.

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