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Shaetonna Aluru

Shaetonna Jackson Aluru was born and raised in a small town called Muncie Indiana. She grew up in a low income single mother home alongside with experiencing other poverty related issues. She was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called optic nerve hypoplasia (both eyes have very small optic nerves making it very hard to see far distances and regular print). She had a desire to “get out” of poverty and was able to obtain a state scholarship and assistance from vocational rehabilitation to attend Ball State University in Muncie Indiana where she obtained her Bachelors in Social Work. Additionally, as an undergrad she became involved in the disability student organization, developed friendships with other visually impaired/blind students, volunteered at various nonprofit agencies (i.e. a campus daycare, women/children’s shelter, food banks etc), completed a internship at a juvenile impatient facility, and worked a part time job as a mentor to high school students in the local community. She graduated and decided to obtain her Masters in Social Work at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While completing her Masters, she was introduced to NFBNV. Today, she is working full time as a medical social worker in a skilled nursing facility, treasurer for the NFB SNC and board member on the NFBNV board.

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